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    In May 2010 my family is travelling to California for 3 weeks. We are spending 5 days in LA, then 3 days in San Diego, then travelling to Grand Canyon for 2 days, then Las Vegas for 2 days. From here I have 8 days to get to San Francisco. I don't want to go via the Coast, because I'll be doing this route from San Francisco back to LA. I'd like to see some of the National Parks. I'm completely lost as to what to see, which route to take, what roads will be closed at that time of year etc. We are renting a car for this entire trip. Would really appreciate some advise and tips on this proposed itinerary. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, a short list of the popular attractions between the two areas other than the coast would be Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe. Certainly any of those areas would be a possibility, and this is the most popular route on this forum, so there are thousands of threads with lots of ideas details that you can easily find just by spending a little time looking around here.

    Traveling in May makes it hard to say which routes will be open. Tioga Pass through Yosemite, and most of the other passes across the Sierra typically open in May or June so its possible those options will be available. Its also possible that they will still be closed, which means you'd either have to go around to the south via Bakersfield or go north and cross near Lake Tahoe.

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    Default Vegas dates ?

    Are your dates in Vegas already booked ? If not one thing to consider would be travelling through Page from the Grand canyon to Bryce canyon and Zion NP before heading back down to Vegas. They are both wonderful parks and there is some great scenery to be had on route. That would still leave you 4 or 5 days from Vegas to go through Death valley and spend a couple of days in Yosemite and depending on the Tioga pass being open or not a chance to see Sequoia NP or Lake Tahoe.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I have broken my suggested itinerary down by date as below. I'm completely lost as to whether to do the entire trip with rental car and motels, or the RV. I'm keen on an RV, but I think I might be too late to book parks. What is the easiest way to check out park availability short of ringing every place I go.l Do I even need to book into parks, can RVs park up anywhere? Look forward to your advice.
    7 LA – rental car
    8 LA – rental car
    9 LA – rental car
    10 LA – rental car
    11 LA – rental car
    12 LA – rental car
    13 San Diego – rental car
    14 San Diego – rental car
    15 Drive to Grand Canyon – RV
    16 Grand Canyon – RV / Drive to Las Vegas RV
    17 Las Vegas - RV
    18 Drive to Death Valley NP - RV
    19 Death Valley NP - RV
    20 Drive to Yosemite NP - RV
    21 Yosemite NP - RV
    22 Drive to San Francisco – RV
    23 San Francisco – no car
    24 San Francisco – no car
    25 Drive coastal to LA (day 1) - car
    26 Drive coastal to LA (day 2) - car
    27 LA – car
    28 LA - car

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    I can tell you that an RV is really never a budget option, and going back and forth between cars and RVs is going to send your costs soaring - as right now you'd be looking at 3 one-way drop fees. That could quite easily add $1000 to your costs.

    Since may is still before the summer season, you shouldn't have problems at all finding either motels or RV parks. handles pretty much all of the reservations for sites within the National Parks, however, those aren't your only options. There are plenty of private options too, but those you will have to look for on a case by case basis. You don't always have to stay in an RV park, however, you still need to find a legal place to park overnight, and in those cases you won't have electric or water hookups to use most of the features of the RV.

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