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    I'm a road trip virgin. Never really traveled far out into the US. Me and two friends will leave from New York City about late july and hope to stay on the road for about 3 weeks. We plan to spend a day at various cities and states along the east coast, midwest and maybe a bit up north and down south. But probably nothing further out west than kansas, nothing too deep in the south like florida or texas, and nothing up north like north or south dakota. We think we'd like to see about 20-25 states. A lot of people have told me that most of the midwest is just corn and cows and there's nothing to do. I'd like to see the country for what it is. I'm sure there's something to do in places like kentucky, ohio, michigan, wisconsin, kansas, missouri, tennessee, virginia, west virginia, south/north carolina, and places like that.

    Some tips/advice would be appreciated. How do we see all these states in 3 weeks? Any ideas for food? We'll probably eat out in diners mostly, but i think once in a while, we'll be sick of diners and want something different. Thank u for the help.

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    The first suggestion I would have is to not focus on the number of states you are visiting, but what exactly you expect to find out there.

    Kentucky is one of my favorite states to travel in - from Mammoth Cave to the Daniel Boone National Forest, from the Appalachians to the Ohio River, there is a lot to see in just this one state.

    Virginia is also high on my list, being that it also has a good mix from the sea to the mountains, from Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway (to bring you to North Carolina and from there on to Tennessee) to the Washington, DC area. The state is awash in history (especially, but not only, if you're a Civil War buff).

    Ohio has an interesting mix of urban and rural cultures, from the "three Cs" of Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, to the horses and buggies on the two-lanes, some fairly "fast" side roads that are relatively straight in the Northeast to the mountain areas of the Southeast.

    Glad to hear that you want to explore rather than take the word of someone else as gospel about what certain states are supposed to be like. Remember that every town is somebody's neighborhood and that you are likely to find something of interest there, perhaps something quite unexpected.

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    Thank you. I'll keep some of those things in mind. I never thought of Ohio as an exciting place, but now that you mention those cities, I think there'll be quite a lot to do there. How many days do you suggest we spend in Chicago? It's a big city, but we'd really like to spend only a day or two at most at each city in order to see as much as possible in 3 weeks.

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