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    We have a camper set-up that we built into our van. We'll be heading to Northern Arizona next week, and we're VERY concerned about cold nights. Any suggestions for heating the van overnight? We tried one of those propane catalytic things a few years ago...piece of junk-I could actually set my hand on the thing that was supposed to be putting out heat! Is there such thing as a 'battery' that takes a standard household plug that we can charge in the cigarette lighter as we drive, then use at night when parked (for something like a household space heater)? Or any other suggestions out there??

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    From the little bit I know about batteries and electrical resistance heaters, I'd be awfully surprised to find a battery-powered heater which would would produce enough heat for the interior of a van, particularly on cold nights or if there was much in the way of a wind. Even a large case style deep cycle battery would be unlikely to power such a device, I believe.

    If your van is set up for camping, I'd just make sure I had an appropriately-rated sleeping bag and thermal pad upon which to lay it.


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    Default Hook up ?

    Hello and a belated welcome to the RTA forums !

    Where do you plan on camping and would it have electric hook ups ? If not I don't know of a solution but when we tent camp here in the UK we use a hook up cable to take power from the campground socket and on the other end of it a multi plug point as you would find on an extension cable. We can then take advantage of using electric, including a small convector heater on cold nights.

    Stay warm !

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    A good quality sleeping bag, insulated sleeping mat and thermal nightwear will keep you 'snug as a bug'. Our goosedown sleeping bag and thermarests was all we used in our igloo, on an igloo building course. More than quarter of a century later, I am stll using the same equipment.

    Lifey who loved sleeping in an igloo

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