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  1. Default April road trip!

    My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip for the first 3 weeks of April.

    Our plan looks like this:

    - Los Angeles: 3 nights
    - Las Vegas: 1 night
    - Grand Canyon: 1 night
    - Page: 1 night
    - Bryce Canyon: 1 night
    - Las Vegas: 2 nights
    - Bishop (through Death Valley): 1 night
    - Lake Tahoe: 1 night
    - Yosemite: 2 nights
    - Visalia (to visit Sequoia): 1 night
    - Monterey: 1 night
    - San Francisco: 3 nights

    We are especially worried about the route from Las Vegas to Yosemite. Is the route we suggest (through Death Valley and then North via Lake Tahoe to Yosemite) possible in this season?

    Do you guys have any other remarks?

    Thanks a lot!

    Rud and Delia.

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    Default Zion??

    Well done! That looks like a great trip.

    My only comment would be on the ommission of Zion NP. I would suggest you look at devoting one day/night to it. It is equally as spectacular as the other parks in southern Utah.

    I will leave the issue of crossing the Sierras to those who are more familiar with that route.

    Lifey who would spend a night in Zion

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    Default going around

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your route should actually work. Tioga Pass through Yosemite will still be closed, but you can still go up to Lake Tahoe and then use US-50 or I-80 to get across the Sierras and then work south to Yosemite.

    If it were me, I would skip your first stop at Vegas, as there really is no reason for it and it really adds a lot of extra miles. Instead, I'd drive directly from LA to the Canyon. Thats a full day on the road, but a trip you can certainly make.

    Also as you go from Sequoia to Monterey, I would make sure to go down to Cambria first, so you can make the drive along the Big Sur section of the coast.

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    If it's open and there are no chain restrictions, I'd take CA-88 across the Sierras from Tahoe. It's very scenic and a lot less lightly traveled than US-50 or I-80, and it will put you onto CA-49 closer to Yosemite.

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    Thanks for the advice guys! So for the Lake Tahoe route I would not anything special, snow chains or something?

    I will consider the tip to skip the first night in Vegas and do LA - Grand Canyon in one day!

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    Default Just to clarify.

    Vegas is not on the direct route to GC.

    Quote Originally Posted by rudbeyers View Post
    I will consider the tip to skip the first night in Vegas and do LA - Grand Canyon in one day!
    As Michael stated it will save time and miles by not detouring to Vegas on route to the GC, but if you didn't want to travel that far in a day you could still do an overnight stop that is on route.

  7. Default

    Thanks Dave, I know it's not on the direct route...but I'm still considering it.
    Would it not be too much milage for a day? It would be around 8-10h drive, right?

    What about my concern regarding snow chains etc. around Lake Tahoe? Is there any risk? Because, if I can't pass through around there, I'm ******* :)

    Thanks guys.

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    LA to the GC south rim is about 500 miles. This can be done in a day via I-15 and I-40. 10 hours should cover it allowing for normal fuel, food, and potty stops.

    It's possible, but not very likely, that you may need chains. Unless a big spring storm blows through, you shouldn't have a problem. The Caltrans website is updated hourly and you should use that in conjunction with to keep abreast of what's going on. Check before you leave Vegas, if it's bad, take the southern route to Bakersfield and go north from there. You just need to be flexible.

  9. Default

    Hi guys,

    We booked! The final trip is like this:
    LA: 3n
    Grand Canyon: 1n
    Lake Powell/Page: 2n
    Bryce Canyon: 1n
    Las Vegas: 2n
    Bishop: 1n
    Lake Tahoe: 1n
    Yosemite: 2n
    Visalia: 1n
    Monterey: 1n
    San Fran: 3n

    The only thing I'm still a bit confused about is the end of our trip.
    We have a full day to visit Yosemite, so that's ok. But from there, my schedule looks a bit tight to do Sequoia, Cambria (as suggested above) and Monterey, no?

    Thanks for your help!!

    Rud en Delia.

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    Default Doable.

    To travel from Visalia to Monterey via Cambria would be a long [ish]day but well worth the effort to enjoy this stunning coastline. With an 8am start you could be in Cambria before midday and meander up to Monterey for the evening. If you have booked already it's probably a case of wait and see how you feel on the day and then decide.

    Have a great time and please drop by and share some of your adventure with us, it is always nice to see how the trips turn out.

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