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    Hi,I'm sorry I know this question may have been asked before but...
    I'm travelling over to the States with four other friends in late September / early October and we were thinking of doing a roadtrip from Vegas to San Fran. The planning of this section of the trip is very much in its early stages, but we were thinking that we would like to visit, yosemite, yellow stone and anywhere else that can be recommended. We anticipate having about 5 days for the roadtrip - is this a reasonable length of time? (any recommendations on where to stay along the way would also be greatly received)!!


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    Default A bit ambitious

    Your desire to visit two of the most spectacular national parks there are, is understandable. In your time frame, however, this may be a little too ambitious. Yosemite to Yellowstone is almost 700 miles, or more than a day's driving each way. Have you thought of checking out Death Valley. Seqouia and / or Kings Canyon National Parks?

    For my money though, enjoying a day or so in both LV and SF, driving through Death Valley and devoting at least a day to Yosemite, would be ideal for a five day trip.


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    Default too much

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yellowstone really is too far for a 5 day trip. Just for more perspective, SF to Vegas via Yosemite is about a 600 mile trip, but going via Yosemite/Tioga Pass means its a very full 2 day trip where you'd have no problem filling up even another day or two.

    The shortest possible way to include Yellowstone pushes that number up over 2000 miles. While you could cover those miles in 5 days, it would leave zero time left over to do anything other than driving. You really wouldn't even be getting a quick look at the parks at that pace.

    With 5 days, I'd be looking at spending some time along the coast, Sequoia, Death Valley, or maybe Lake Tahoe. Any one or two of those places would be a much better choice to fill out your trip, where you'd still have time to enjoy your trip.

    And of course, you are right, this topic has come up before. In fact, its far and away the most popular basic trip outline on this forum, so spend a little time looking around and you'll find a ton of information to help you figure out how you want to approach this trip.

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