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    Hi all 1st post in the forum and am gad to have found this place. My wife and I want to plan a road trip for her bday in May and needed some ideas on where to go. We have a 7-8 day window and wanted to know how far we could go and how much we could possibly see.

    We're up for really anything and would like to stay away from the typical disneyland, six flags etc. Also we were thinking about renting a camper/rv of some sort and was wondering if this would be cheaper than using our own car and staying in motels.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Taking your own car and staying at hotels / motels will be quite a bit cheaper than renting an RV. Those who favour going the RV route do not do so for budgetery reasons. Travelling the RV way is a lifestyle choice. When you factor in the extra cost of fuel and campground hook-up fees, not to mention the difficulty of parking in urban centres, you could end up paying considerably more than taking your own car.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    With 7 days to play with you can actually cover a fair bit of territory in the northern Rockies and/or Great Basin including such destinations as the Olympia Peninsula, Banff/Jasper, Glacier, Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, Great Salt Lake, Snake River Canyon. Lake Tahoe, Redwoods and Oregon Coast, although not all in the same trip!


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