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  1. Default Summer trip from Phoenix/WPB Florida then to Smokey Mountains TN

    We our taking a 4 week trip in July to attend a soccer tournament in WPB Florida then on to TN to visit some relatives and then spend some time in the Smokey mountains. We have 3 kids (12/13/15) plus my wife and myself. We were planning on taking I-10 from phoenix to Florida and would like to visit some sites along the way. Also being from Phoenix we don't get out for the 4th of July (way too hot) so if someone has any suggestions for July 4th festivities somewhere in Alabama or Florida that would be helpful.

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    For things to do along the way, here's your best start. It is just one of many threads full of suggestions..

    What makes you think that the 4th of July will not be HOT in Florida? I can't say that I have ever found Phoenix any hotter than Florida.

    Lifey who sweltered in Florida last summer

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    The actual air temperature in Phoenix is a lot higher, but the southeastern heat also comes with high humidity. It's just as uncomfortable, if not more so, in its own way.

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