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  1. Default Looking for people to join on a gap year road trip through America

    Boy and girl (age 19 and 18) looking for people to join on an epic road trip from august 2010 - may 2011
    looking for people of similar ages
    Advice from experienced travelers MORE THAN WELCOME

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, and best of luck finding fellow travelers!

    Question, have you figured out how exactly you are going to be able to do a roadtrip in the US? Since you are under 21, renting a car will not be possible, and because you are not residents of the US, purchasing, registering, and insuring a car will be virtually impossible.

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    Appreciate the welcome and quick response. We both live in the US, both have valid drivers licenses, and both have long distanceish driving experience. Never planned on renting, too expensive.

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    I thought you were foreign too, based on the term "gap year". I'm a bit older and planning a slightly shorter trip (3-4 months) -- it's been a dream since I was a teenager though. Word of warning - it gets expensive to do it for so long so I hope you have a lot of money saved up (there's only so much economizing you can do). Maybe you can stop and get part time work for a few months in the middle of the trip. Good luck!

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    Maybe you can stop and get part time work for a few months in the middle of the trip.
    That's not easy at all with today's economic conditions. What few jobs there are out there will generally be filled by locals. Not something I'd even come close to counting on.

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    we are going on a trip with no destination in mind leaving KY soon have 3 vehicles going so room for extras one is stopping in MT but hey whatever and we have traveled from coast to coast more then once without enough money this time we have no kids if you avoid the freeways work is not hard to find sometimes it finds you WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY and there is a lot to see and do

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