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    Default Road Trip Houston/Austin to California by R.V (October 2010)


    Myself and a group of friends of mine were planning an RV Road Trip from Houston/Austin next October. We are all 24-25 yrs old. We were looking into the option on renting an R.V and doing the drive over the 2 weeks or so.

    I have done the whole road trip thing before on the west coast but that was by car. I'm not really sure what we will be getting ourselves in for if we were to take the R.V route this time. As we are all young we want to experience some nightlife in the cities (Austin, Hoston etc). Is this realistic if you are staying in a big R.V, for example are there places in or around the cities where you could park up over night?

    While we want to see some of the cities we would also enjoy see some of ''small town america'' and some national parks along the way. Does anyone have some good suggestions of places we could see. Our rough route at the moment is Austin through New Mexico, Arizona and then finishing in California. Does that sound like a good route, e.g is there much to see along the way? Perhaps we would be better flying between Texas and Alizona and then picking up the R.V for a trip from Arizona to California maybe getting the Canyon in along the way...?

    Anyway all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Default Why an RV?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Travel by RV is really all about the lifestyle. Some people are just willing to pay more, in time, money and mobility, to have their 'home' with them when they travel. But as a convenient and cheap way to take a RoadTrip they make almost no sense at all. First off, as you say, you have to worry about what to do with your rig when you want to go and explore the downtown of any large city - driving and parking are going to be a hassle at best. Parking on the outskirts leaves you at the mercy of public transportation which might shut down long before you're ready to call it an evening, or taxis both in and out. Secondly I suspect that you would be very hard put to find a firm that is willing to do a one-way rental from some random city or town in Texas or the southwest to somewhere 'on the west coast', and if you did the drop-off fee would be $ubstantial. Depending on the size of your group of friends, you could probably rent a couple of comfortable cars, keep them full of gas, and sleep in decent motel beds each night for less than you can rent the RV for. And going the car/motel route allows you to mix and match who's with whom on any given day because, trust me, over two weeks you will get on each others' nerves if you spend most of every day and all of every night in the same tight, confined space.

    As for things to see and do, there are a ton of possibilities along both/either I-10 or I-40 including but not limited to the Alamo, Guadalupe Mountains, Big Bend, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Taos/Santa Fe, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley, and wherever else you choose to go in California.


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    Default Yes and no.

    I agree with Buck in the sense that visiting Cities in an RV is quite a hassle but in a National park, can be quite wonderful. It is most definitely a lifestyle choice and it's what suits your trip the most that counts, therefor you must answer the question posed "Why an RV"?

    If your group is between 4 and 7 people plus your desire to stay in some National parks I would say that the budget side of things could go the way of the RV. You need to decide if you can get along together in close quarters and if it will suit your needs but remember when considering your choice it should be for the lifestyle and not for budget reasons as Buck suggested.

    You need to keep in mind that anyone under the age of 25 who wants to drive will have to pay a hefty surcharge as well.

    Have a look around the RTA site for lots of suggestions but for NP's you could look at Southern Utah and the likes of Zion and Bryce canyon. When you have a clearer picture come back and we can help you "fine tune" your trip.
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