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    Hello. Well, my girlfriends and I are thinking of doing a roadtrip up the CA coast up to the Washington/Canada border and we know of a few places we'd like to stop and see, but we're looking for suggestions on possible "must see" destinations. We love to stop and look at random things or visit places with a lot of charm and character, so if you have any ideas please help us out!

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    Default "Must see".

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    One of the most common responses here at RTA are that we don't do "Must sees". The road trip is a very individual thing and therefor one mans "must see" is another's "steer clear".

    Stopping at, or making random choices is certainly a good thing when they remain random and you will not be short of places full of charm and character. My first suggestion/idea would be that you share your "must see" list, along with facts like, how long you have to do the trip, is it a one way trip or a return journey and how early or late in the Spring are you going ? Then we can possibly offer informed advice rather than taking a stab in the dark !

    Use the search option to the top right of the page to navigate your way around, you will find lots of info from previously discussed threads and get back to us with what you have.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Well, this is a first time road trip for all of us and we're looking at the last week in March to the first week in April to go from central CA and returning. We know we would like to stop in Fort Bragg, Portland, Seattle and we'd like to make it up to the border of Canada too. Our "must see" list only has a few activities such as horseback riding in Fort Bragg, coffee at Pikes Place in Seattle and as Twilight fans, we would love to make our way up into Forks Washington. :o) But other than than that, we're just looking to have a fun trip filled with stops at local hot spots or hidden or less known attractions, so really any suggestions are welcomed.

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    Default A start.

    You will find plenty of info looking at this thread and you will find many more suggestions by searching the forums !

    You could consider a straight shot up I-5 in a couple of days [plus any detours/sight seeing] and meander back down the coast route which will put the coastal views on your side of the road heading South.

    Good luck !

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