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  1. Default Article: Defensive Driving Rule #70: Use Uncle Bob's Defensive Driving System

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    Originally sent to RTA by e-mail on 12-27-2007

    December 27, 2007:

    Dear Bob,

    I had the privilege of taking your defensive driving class Friday morning in Mesa. I am writing to thank you. I really needed to be there and I really got your message. I had gotten into the pattern of really driving very carelessly. A few days before I took the class I ran over a curb because I was talking on the phone and I got a flat. That same day I almost ran someone off the road. Still it did not register for me. Being in your class made me realize how lucky I have been and how I have a responsibility to drive carefully and courteously. Thank you. I am glad I got the ticket because it forced me to be in that class and correct a serious error.

    I do hope you get this memo. You make a difference on this planet.

    Sangita Trivedi



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