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    From Dan Burch, delivered by e-mail on June 9, 2009:

    Your defensive driving rule #56 states that it is illegal (in your opinion) to use the center left turn lane to accelerate while trying to merge.

    I would like let you know that AZ allows drivers to use the center left turn lane as an acceleration / deceleration lane. According to the AZ Driver's License Manual, page 40, "This lane provides a safe area to slow before a left turn off a street, or to speed up after a left turn onto a street."

    Using the center lane to accelerate / decelerate reduces the speed difference between the through traffic lanes and the vehicles making left turns, hopefully reducing or eliminating
    damage and injuries from rear-end collisions. Using the lane as a rolling merge allows you to merge into a gap in traffic that you couldn't otherwise do because of the time it takes
    to accelerate from a 0 mph to near the posted speed limit.

    You can complete your acceleration to match the flow of traffic after to enter the through lane of traffic.

    It's very possible that other states have different laws regarding the use of this lane.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.



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