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    I just found this board and it would be great if you guys could help us.

    We are two paramedics and one EMT from Austria. We do have almost whole August off and we plan to travel the states. since i have travelled the East Coast already, now we will go West.

    The Plan is to arrive at one of the airports around New York city. We rent a car and go West. We will have to pick up a friend (also an Austrian EMT) in Reno and then we will go back to New York.

    You might have the idea that we should not go to New York first but go to San Fran and then do the roadtrip just "one way". This might be difficoult. The additional price of the flight from NY to SF is pretty much the rent of the car for the whole trip.

    The plan is to head to Reno as fast as possible and then use 3 weeks or so to head back to New York. This is the same plan as I did when I went from Florida to New York and back.

    For the trip back from Reno to New York I would like NOT to use the interstate and we want to stay in NYC for about four days.We want to see the real america. Do you guys have any ideas what we should not miss on the trip?

    I am looking for typical small american towns, great nature and the real rural America.

    I am happy for any suggestions. Thank you.

    PS: One idea is also to make a pitstop at Kansas City because a friend of us is doing an internship at the local hospital.
    PPS: Oh and we are passionate photografers and filmers. Therefore we also plan a little roadmovie.

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    Default Have a look around the place.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The quickest route to get to Reno would be I-80 and would take between 4-5 days to complete travelling 10-12 hours a day so that leaves you time to meander back and take in some great sights.

    You have many options when your road trip "proper" starts from Reno, you could head North towards Yellowstone, South towards the Grand canyon or hit the West coast in somewhere such as San Fran. Being a fan of the Southwest I would consider heading down to Yosemite NP, across Death valley to Vegas and onto the Grand canyon. There are many great scenic roads and National parks if you headed back through Southern Utah and Colorado from there, but these things are for you to decide and make the trip your own.

    Have a look around the forums and roadtrip planning pages with a map in hand and start putting dots on it to mark places of interest to you. When you have those dots we will be happy to make suggestions and fill in the gaps, but for now a little research is needed.

    We want to see the real america
    ps] We are all still looking for the "unreal" America ;-)
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    Thank you for your help. The Idea with the map is great. Thank you. I will ask more specific questions as soon I know more.

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