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    Myself and my husband are planning a road trip from New York to LA. We have approx 30 days to do this.
    We are looking at hiring an RV.
    The trip would take in the following areas:
    New York, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, Monument Valley, Las Vegas and LA.

    My question is:
    If we hire an RV where do we park it when we are in a city? Are there any RV friendly areas?
    For example if we are in New Orleans for a couple of days we don't want to have to park too far away from the centre of town as we want to be able to go out for dinner & drinks and not have to travel miles back to our RV.

    We are from Australia and have only ever driven from LA to Vegas.
    Our options are either hire a car to drive across and stay in hotels or hire an RV and stay in that. We just don't want the RV to restrict us on where we can go.

    Thank you

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    Default Not great for city life.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think that you would have to research each City you plan on visiting as some will [like Vegas] have RV parks in or close by and/or close to transport links and others may not. If you decide to go with an RV it would also be worth finding out where the super centres like Walmart are as you can often find parking at these places, but it is best to find a distant, quiet corner than taking up several bays outside the stores.

    As you seem undecided I would like to point out that an RV plus extra fuel costs and campground fees will work out a lot dearer than a car and Hotels for just the 2 of you, and yes you will be more restricted in an RV than a car around the City's, and if it's more a city break you are after you might just be better off with a car.

    For me the RV is a lifestyle choice and that's how it should be, if you want quiet nights under the stars in a National park I can't think of anything more wonderful, but in heavy traffic and city's it's another storey.

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    Thank you for a quick response :)
    You have helped us make our decision, we will be hiring a car and staying in hotels.
    We definately want to be able to get into the hussle and bussle of the citys and it would just not be fun in an RV.

    Thanks again

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    Default Your welcome.

    Don't hesitate to ask if you would like help with other aspects of your trip.

    Enjoy the forums, there is a wealth of info to be found here !

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