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    I am planning on driving myself and my two teenage kids to Vegas in April. I will be the only driver. I am looking for some advice on the best (most direct) route to take. Since I am the only driver, I don't think I can do the whole trip in one shot. Any ideas on where to stay, a half way point perhaps. Any suggestions are greatly appreicated. Thanks!!

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    The most direct route is simply to take I-70 west all the way to I-15 south. A good halfway point would be Green River, UT with a range of lodging choices. In addition, if you get an early enough start, you should be able to take a short trip through Arches National Park before bedding down for the night.


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    I-70 to I-15. You can do it easily in a day and a half. If you want the half day at the start, stop in Grand Junction, there is a wide choice of hotels. Follow with me on a map now - the next opportunity is Green River (very limited choices), then there's absolutely nothing between there and Salina, not even a gas station or a convenience store. Salina is very limited, but Richfield is just a little farther down the road and it has a good selection. If you still feel like pressing on, there's Beaver (fair selection), then Parowan (also fair) then Cedar City (good selection). The exact halfway point is somewhere around Green River. You also have the option of heading about half an hour down 191 to Moab.

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