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    Default Wanna try a brand new i-pod / iPhone App?

    Our roadtrip colleagues at have created a cool new app for iPods and iPhones. You can read about it here.

    If you'd like to test this application, we're looking for road trippers who live in various places around North America. If you let us know you're interested and how soon you could run some tests for us, we'll see about hooking you up with a free download!

    Hurry, this program expires in two weeks.


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    laplaya Guest


    Will the ap be available for the Blackberry Storm. I hope so.

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    I'm assuming I'm too late for this. :(

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    I'll be over there April-July from LA-NY, going through CA, NV, TX, LA, FL, GA, TN, DC, NY etc.

    If i got some more info on it i may be interested.

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