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  1. Default May road Trip Planning

    Hello All,

    Me and my wife are planning a trip from Las vegas to LA up the coast to San Fran. Does anyone recommend a good map to get us started with places to stop at???
    We start in Vegas and from there we pick a car up and head to LA with 10 days until our flight leaves from san fran, so we re looking to take a fairly chilled drive up the coast with a fair few stops on the way!!!



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    Default Lots of info to be found.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find lots of info to help find your way around this very popular area throughout the forums and road trip planning pages.

    Ten days is a comfortable amount of time to do this trip at a relaxed pace even with the possibility of a detour or two. From Vegas a visit to the Grand canyon wouldn't be out of the question before heading towards LA or another possibility would be a trip across Death valley with an overnight stop. Heading up the coast you could consider heading inland from Monterey and visiting Yosemite NP, an absolute gem of a place.

    The more you see the quicker the pace so these are things you need to work out for yourself and then we can help "fine tune" your trip.

    I don't know of a map that will tell you where to stop but above the green tool bar you will see the maps section. Once you have got your hands on one look at your options and type key words into the search engine to learn more.
    Have a look around and let us know what you come up with.

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    Hi thanks for your quick reply ! We are picking up our hired car @13.00 hrs on our last day in Vegas and we understand it takes approx. 5 hrs to get to the Grand Canyon . However, this means we will reach this destination at roughly 6pm,( probably be dark)???, stay for a couple of hours before making our way down to L.A which will be a long drive !! I don't really know if there will be anywhere to stay between our drive from the Canyon to L.A ?? I have been looking at Barstow on the map - do you recommend a night stay somewhere or a straight drive to L.A ? Sorry to ask loads of Q's but we have not done this before and it's our first holiday to the US !!!! Thank you

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    If you want to go to the Grand Canyon and are leaving LV at 1300, I'd recommend you get a hotel room in Williams, Flagstaff, Cameron, or Tusayan - or inside the actual park. You will need a lot more than just a couple hours to see the Grand Canyon. Spend a good part of the next day there, then you can drive part way to LA and maybe spend the night in Kingman.

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    Default Getting started.

    I really should have been a little clearer, I apologise.

    The Grand canyon is not somewhere you could go for a couple of hours, and no you could not then drive to LA unless you drove through the night. To really make the visit worthwhile you would need to spend the night at, or close to the park and spend the following day exploring it and then decide where to spend the next night, close to the canyon or get 3 or 4 hours of driving under your belt towards LA.

    There are many places to stay along many different routes but you really need to do some research to establish where, and how you want to spend your time and then fit your stops around that. Use a program like Google maps to familiarise yourself with the area and distances. As you find places that look interesting to visit or to stay and fit in with your timing just type that place into the search engine and see what info you have.

    You really need to do some of this research before we can help as there is no one trip that suits all, and the road trip is about giving you the freedom to go where you want rather than being told as on a pre arranged tour.

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    Thanks guys!!! This is what we thought!!! So our next step is to grab a few maps and do some research!!! We'll keeo you informed and also keep asking questions!!!!
    Thanks again you ve helped already, this is something we've always wanted to do and the planning is the hardest bit to achieve!!!

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    Hello Craig,

    I'm a big fan of conventional maps. When planning a cross-country trip from North Carolina to California in 2007, I decided upon the Benchmark California Atlas inasmuch as I had some 10 days for some California exploring and cruising. I wasn't disappointed. Benchmark does a great job with both physical and cultural geographic features. It is my first choice of map books for a particular US state.

    The Benchmark map books are described herein, as noted by Southwest Dave, and that can be found via the green tool bar above.


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    Cheers Foy,

    I think we re gonna use a mixture of mapping, having had a look at google maps things are looking a lot clearer and we can begin planning!!!

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    Default The journey starts here !

    Quote Originally Posted by Chawnz View Post
    this is something we've always wanted to do and the planning is the hardest bit to achieve!!!
    Think of the planning as the beginning of your journey and not as a chore, it will then become a very enjoyable part of the whole experience, and in turn it will become a much more rewarding trip!

    We'll keep you informed and also keep asking questions!!!!
    Please do, enjoy the forums !

  10. Default LA to San Fran, things to do


    We are doing our first fly drive in May and have the first part of the holiday planned, starting in Vegas then making our way down to LA. From here we'll travel through the Coast ending up in San Fran where we'll eventually fly home. We are going to stop at Monterey which is quite a way up but I don't really know about other places to visit before we reach this destination so any ideas would be greatly appreciated !! We are flexible as have no hotels commitments, it's basically a case of if we like somewhere we'll stay !
    Any recommendations as to what to see and do along this coastal drive will be helpful as the US is a pretty big place !!

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