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  1. Default Any ideas for a WARM weather roadtrip from New York????

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board but my family and I have taken roadtrips for years. We would really like to head south for the winter either February or March but have no idea where to go. We've done Disney and Universal and although we wouldn't mind going to Florida again, (we were just there last month during that really cold week!), we will consider any other states on the east coast that might be warm enough to visit. We would lov e to be able to go to the beach or some other warmer weather activity.
    We have smaller children so there would need to be something to do that is geared towards them and also nothing really expensive.
    Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Thank you.

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    Default How Much Time?

    How much time do you have for your trip?

    You could head further south into Florida, perhaps to the Everglades or to the Gulf Coast in the Fort Myers area. If you have enough time, you might also consider heading as far as Texas, but that may be a bit too far for your tastes.

    It's very difficult to predict the weather so far out, and as you've found during your recent trip to Florida, it's possible to find even freezing weather in our subtropical states!

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    Default How Warm?

    If you'd be comfortable with days in the 60's and nights in the 50's then you wouldn't have to go all that far south to have a great beach adventure. Take a look at the [url=]Outer Banks of North Carolina. Besides the obvious beaches, there's quite a bit of history including the first English colony, pirates, and the Wright Brothers; great lighthouses and museums; and you'd be there well out of season meaning everything would be less crowded and cheaper.


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