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    Hey! A few friends and I are planning to go on a roadtrip before they go off to college in the fall. We were looking for august 2010. We dont know where we want to go but we want to be gone between 7 and 10 days. We were wondering what the restrictions were on renting a hotel room on the road because only one of us will be 18 at the time, and the other three 17. We would have a credit card. If there are any suggestions on places to go that would be great and if you foresee any problems with our age while on the road. we were thinking to go either east or west. leaving from chicago il. if we went west we would probably only get to colorado given the time, and then up through the badlands and such. if we went east probably to va beach, dc, boston, new york, niagara falls, somewhere like that. throw out any suggestions! please!

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    Without exception, you must be 18 to rent a hotel room, and many hotels have a 21 limit. I personally don't know what's going to happen if you pull into a hotel, ask for a room for 4 people, and hand them your credit card and drivers license showing them that you are "only" 18. I do know that the name on the drivers license and credit card should match, or that will raise a red flag. Perhaps you could stop by a local hotel during the day when the manager is there and ask him/her what would happen.

    You may want to consider doing some camping, that would save you some money too.

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    Further to the information about hotels, posted above, the same goes for most hostels and campgrounds. Many require minors (under 18) to be in the company of at least one adult, and that is usually someone over 21.

    Best you check out all accommodation as to their policy before hitting the road. And that may mean contacting each establishment individually, as you cannot assume that the policy of one, applies to another.

    Lifey wishes you luck

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    Default You Haven't Mentioned...

    ...what you would do in case of an accident. Note that the 17 year olds cannot sign for their own treatment and you are not their next of kin. What plans have you made for such an emergency? I strongly suggest that each of those under 18 talk this over with their parents or guardians and check with their doctor and/or local ER to see what paperwork they should be carrying.


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