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  1. Default East Coast to West Coast on $11,000?

    So myself and two friends are planning to do a roadtrip across America next year. We're currently saving, but want to plan as much as possible now to get it out of they way to avoid rushing anything. Just to point out, we're all from the UK, and by next year all 21 and I believe then eligible to rent a car and drive in the US?
    So far, we've planned not a lot, which is why we need some help. We want to go visit all the major places in the US (well, not all of them, but as much as possible). Stuff like the statue of liberty, the white house, grand canyon, golden gate bridge etc, but apart from the major sites like this, we don't know much about the US. The places we want to go for certain are NYC, Washington DC, Florida (orlando, miami), Nevada (vegas) and Cali. Other than that, we don't know. We want to experience different cultures, see sexy scenery and attractions (there isn't much of this in the UK!) and also and most importantly, have a fun time. Any suggestions are welcome.
    Also, we plan to save about £2400 each, so £7200 all together which as of today roughly translates to $11,000. We plan to do the trip in a month. We've tried to calculate everything, but turned out we were way off after I found this site and looked around. Would it be cheaper to rent an RV which has a shower, kitchen, beds etc all included or rent a car and camp? We're clueless regarding an RV. Will it use more fuel than a car? How many times will we need to fill up the water tank to shower? We plan to go camping in the summer together to see if we can get on with it, I'm positive we will though, we're pretty hard young men haha. Although we defo want to shower every night. What about costs of food. We're planning to just go for a simple breakfast (cereal with milk) lunch (sandwiches) and a hot dinner. We are going to buy a grill thing to cook our hot dinner. How much money should we set aside of food and drink? I'm sure there's something I've missed but I can't seem to think! Oh my!
    Basically what I want to know is, is it possible to do an East to West roadtrip on $11,000 in a month with 3 people and obviously we don't just wanna drive eat and sleep, we'd like to visit attractions and stuff so will there be money left to have a good time?


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    My first reaction was..... with a name like that, I'd stay off the roads!! lol

    The best thing you could do, together, is get a large map of the USA, and a stack of books from the library, and start reading up on places that sound interesting, marking them on the map as you go. That way you will get a good idea of how wide spread they are, and just what is feasible in the time you have available. Bookings for next year won't open for months, anywhere.

    With a year to do most of this, you should get a good idea of what is what and where in the States.

    Lifey finds that the best way to start

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    Haha yes it would be well advised to get off the roads if you see me in your rear view, or at least take great care to keep me happy, otherwise the consequences will be catastrophic!


    Thanks for the advice, we will definitely do that. I've tried to do some research on the internet, but there's so much stuff you don't know where to start!

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    Default Research

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As Lifey suggested you all need to sit down with a good map of the USA but you can also search around these forums and you will find lots of info on just about anywhere. If you find an interesting thread and you want to learn more check the bottom of the page where it says "similar threads" or put key words in to the search engine on the top right of the page that you already have such as "Grand canyon" San Francisco" etc. When you have an idea of what interests you and start to fill those gaps in we can help you "fine tune" your trip.

    OK, an RV will be dearer than renting a car and purchasing some camping gear and you will be lucky to see 10mpg from an RV, although not as brutal as it may seem when you compare fuel costs to the UK !

    Whatever your choice of transport you will pay a premium for every driver under 25 years of age and that will add up over the course of a month.

    I think your budget is quite reasonable as long as it doesn't include your flights. Alao to consider is that if you are planning a one way trip across the country those flights are likely to be more expensive and you will have a one way drop off fee on your car rental. You will get a good idea of costs by searching the Internet and catch average rates for the car, flight and other associated costs.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Well we have found flights arriving at JFK and departing at Vegas airport for £599 per person, so £1797 but that's not concrete as my mate researched that and I'm not sure what dates he put in. Then we'd put aside about £1500 for fuel, £1000 for food, £500 for accomodation, and about £300 for buying equipment over there like tents, cooking stuff, etc. Oh and also we found a car rental company that will give us a 7 seater for £1500 so all together that's £6597 leaving £603 or $965.31. Or is that way off the mark?

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