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  1. Default Driving from Baltimore to SanFracisco within couple of days

    hi all, I am a new member here. I finished my graduate studies in univ of maryland. While i am waiting to hear from companies, I am driving to stay with my family in San Francisco. I plan to go via denver. I have 20000 miles driving experience. But this is my first "very long drive" like this. I got a GPS. I have no road trip partner. If anyone is interested in joining me, please contact me Personal Information Removed. Any suggestions on the routes, lodging or any other thing are welcome. I am planning to finish the trip in max. 6-7 days.. I am planning to leave on coming sunday or monday.

    All the experienced folks here are requested to help me out ... thanks in advance.....

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    On such short notice, I think you'll have a very difficult time finding someone to go with you on a major trip like this, but we wish you luck none-the-less.

    I will note that we have removed your personal information, and I would strongly recommend that you not use your email and your phone number on any forum such as this on the internet, unless you really like being harassed through spam and telemarketers.

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