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  1. Default Affordable parking in New York

    I'm going with a couple of friends to visit my friend at NYU. We need an affordable place to park our car for three or four days while we're there. We're three college freshmen on a budget. Any advice?

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    Default An oxymoron

    When referring to NYC, 'affordable parking' is an oxymoron.

    Lifey who collects oxymorons

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    Default yep

    Yeah, Lifey beat me too it - there really is no such thing.

    Your best bet will be trying to find a lot near a subway stop away from Manhattan. Basically, the farther away from midtown you are, the lower the cost. There are also a few websites where you can comparison shop that should be easy to find with a google search that can give you and idea of what you're looking at.

    And of course, ask your friend. Since he's there, I'm sure he knows of someone who has some personal experience in that area, and can probably provide some more ideas.

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    Default New Jersey City Marina

    You need to check with the current rules -- but if I were doing that -- Right adjacent to the Liberty Harbor RV Park is this little marina, which in turn is right next to the Holland Tunnel. It safe and has good security. This article is dated -- but the information might be a good starting place.

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    The NYU area (Greenwich Village) is not a good spot to find affordable parking garages. You can park on the street in certain areas in non-metered zones, but these are tough to find so I'm not sure if you want to chance it (you might end up driving around blindly for hours, which would not be fun). In the boroughs you would find better luck with street parking (and also cheaper lots), but unless you have someone with you it would be a real hassle. Also, you usually have to move the car 1-2 times per week when parked on the streets for street sweeping so if you do try that, pay close attention to the street signs.

    My suggestion would be to go to a close-by train or bus station with a long-term parking lot and leave your car there. Parking will probably be $5-10 a day and a round trip ticket into the city might be $10+ each, but you avoid the hassle of driving into the city (not fun for a novice) and possibly tolls at the bridges and tunnels. Getting from the train station to NYU is an easy subway ride. The Metropark station on the NJ Transit system is a great one with a nice, secure garage. I've used it (as have other friends and family) many times and it is very convenient and easy for people coming from the West or South. If you are coming from the North/New England, you would probably be better off going to a Metro North station in New York state or Connecticut with long-term parking. I don't know of any off the top of my head, but I'm sure you could figure it out pretty easily at the Metro North website. You could also take Amtrak trains into the city, but these are more expensive.

    If you have any more questions, let me know. I went to NYU for grad school and lived in the Village for 5 years.

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    i'm not sure if i'm too late, but if you haven't gone on your trip to nyc yet, here is my suggestion.

    i've lived in nyc for 7 years and for the first 5 i had a car. i always parked on the street which is free. there are alternate side parking rules in most areas. this means that you have to move your car at certain times in order for the streets to be cleaned. however, these rules do not apply on weekends in some areas. if your arriving on a friday and you park, you may not have to move again until monday morning. also, in my neighborhood there is no cleaning on wednesdays so depending on when you arrive you can avoid having to move your car for several days and the street parking is free. just be sure to read the signs in the area very carefully or ask someone about them before you leave your vehicle.

    again, i'm missing a few variables to your trip, but this could be an alternative to parking in a garage.

    if you go the garage route...there are many garages all over the city. as others mentioned, stay away from times square and other touristy areas. i'd say that a typical cost for a reg. sedan is 25-35/day. an suv or large car is usually more. again, this depends on the area. i live on the upper east side and this is the normal price.

    also, my friends and family visit often and almost always park on the street. it's no guarantee, but i feel it's reasonably safe and definitely cheaper!

    good luck, and if you've already gone, maybe this will serve as advice for others :)

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