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    Default I-40 closed west of Amarillo, TX 1/28/10

    According to the TX DOT webcams for the Amarillo area, I-40 is closed west of Amarillo. The webcam at Vega, TX shows vehicles not moving and individuals walking around on the roadway.

    Same storm headed for here in North Carolina late Friday into Saturday, and our snowplow is in the shop!

    Good luck out there,


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    Default a rough winter

    Its been a bad winter for road closings, particularly in the southern half of the US (I-40 and I-10). I saw some radar of the storm hitting North Texas/New Mexico/Oklahoma and it looks like a monster.

    I curious if anyone tracks the number and lengths of Interstate Closures over the course of the winter. I'd be curious to see the statistics about which ones close most frequently, where (and I would probably put my money on I-40), and for how long.

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    In New Mexico, I-40 eastbound is closed from Tucumcari to the Texas state line. It looks like itís getting pretty bad in Oklahoma, too.

    The wind knocked out the electrical service in my neighborhood twice last night when the cold front blew through here. 1-28-2010

    NWS South Plains Radar

    Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety

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    Default That would be an interesting statistic, wouldn't it?

    I wholeheartedly agree, Midwest Michael.

    Any regular reader here knows that many posts appear from those seeking low snow or no snow crossings of the continent. The Llano Estacado (Staked Plain) upon which Amarillo is located is a reasonably high plateau (Amarillo is 3,600'). Tucumcari, NM is +4,000', Clines Corners is +7,000', Albuquerque is +5300', and the Continental Divide west of Albuquerque is +7,200'. Combine those elevations with the relative proximity of Gulf of Mexico moisture and the result is plenty of opportunities for snow and ice.

    I'd wager closures of I-40 exceed those on I-70, I-80, and I-90 in both frequency and duration.


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