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  1. Default 3 month round trip: New York-New York!

    Hi Guys!

    My friend and I are planning a 3 month (well, 2 months 3 weeks due to flight and visa restrictions) trip around the US. We arrive in New York at the end of May, and intend to follow a vague route that we've mapped out:

    New York - Phili - Washington - Nashville - Memphis - New Orleans - Houston - Dallas - Oklahoma - Las Vegas (via Colarado) - Phoenix - San Diego - LA - San Fran - Seattle (via Yosemite) - along the top into Canada (if possible) - Chicago - Boston - New York.

    We've booked up to spend Independence day in Vegas! So arriving there around 2nd July.

    To travel we'd originally planned a bit of driving, bit of trains, bit of the greyhound bus...but since finding out what the one way fees for car rental are we've scrapped that idea!! Upon researching, the cheapest option seems to be renting a car from New York, then returning it 88 days later! We have the option to drop it off and pick up a new one half way round so that there's less danger of breakdowns etc...(the car companies don't like high mileage on their cars so it works well for them too)

    I just needed a bit of advice on whether or not this is achievable?? In my head in sounds amazing, the great American Roadtrip! But I can't help thinking that there's something that won't work, e.g. the driving will be too much, or we won't have enough time. We can happily split the driving so it won't be a burden on just one of us.

    I think it should be awesome, but thought I could do with some more experienced views from you guys!

    Thanks in advance :o)

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Relax you will be fine and have time to meander around the country at your own pace. It is possible to travel from NY to LA in 6 days and there are many people who do this type of trip in 3 or 4 weeks.

    I think that going for the round trip with one rental fee is the best way to go about it, you can be where you want when you want.

    Now you have some dots on the map I would start to see how you can fill the gaps in between and where you want to spend your time, to help you do that I would have another look at the map and start searching the RTA pages where you will find no end of information.

    As you build your trip and get to specifics we can certainly help piece it together and suggest other places to visit based on what your interests and routes are, so just ask.

    Enjoy the planning, it's a great part of the adventure !

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    Thanks very much! Well the cars all booked up. we've got a few more bits on the map that we want to go see but we're probably going to play it by ear and visit places recommended by others.


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