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    I am a first time roadtripper on this scale. I've driven straight through to New Orleans, Miami, and South Padre Island before, but this is my first undertaking of a road trip to just do it. I'm starting graduate school in July and I'm planning to take a 10 day trip in June. I want to rent a fun car (jeep wrangler or convertible mustang) and drive from: Louisville, KY to Chicago, IL to Mt. Rushmore in Keystone, SD to Going-to-the-sun road in Glacier National Park, MT to Seattle, WA to Legget, CA (start of HWY 1) to Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon National Park, AZ to Golden, CO (visit a friend) to Pikes Peak, CO to Louisville, KY.


    So anyway I'm planning on using my tax returns for this as my last big chance to live the American dream. I can get the car for $340 and according to google maps I should end up paying between $650-700 in gas. I would like to camp along the way, but I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this? I could always crash at hotels along the way and camp when I'm in the big parks. Any ideas? Thoughts? Anyone that has done this trip before?

    Any feedback would be great!

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    Default Back to the drawing board !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    So anyway I'm planning on using my tax returns for this as my last big chance to live the American dream. I can get the car for $340
    Really, For a Jeep or Mustang convertible ? If you are over 25 that would be a great deal, if you are under 25 I am afraid I would have to say that it is not realistic, and I am sorry to say neither is your plan.

    I also wonder why this would be your last chance ? There are many road trippers exploring "pastures new" whether with a young family or well past retirement age. Life doesn't end past graduation, Lol!

    I am a first time roadtripper on this scale. I've driven straight through to Miami,,
    You won't find anyone patting you on the back here for such endeavours, over a 1000 miles of straight driving is way beyond safe driving hours and much more than professional drivers are permitted by law.

    You may have got away with it but it doesn't make it safe to do so, and your lack of road trip experience is apparent as the outline of your trip is around 6200 miles and just to cover those miles you are going to be on the road every day for 10 or 11 hours and that is without allowing time for detours into National parks, City's and slower roads such as the "Going to the sun Rd."

    For multi day trips we recommend no more than 5-600 miles a day but doing that every day and having no time or energy for sight seeing after setting up camp and eating is going to get old real quick so I would recommend either finding almost double the time or halving your miles !

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    Default rookie mistakes

    I'm pretty much in full agreement with Dave. I just think you are trying to put far more food on your plate than you can possibly eat. I also think you're also showing a lot of short sightedness by acting like this is your "last big chance to live the american dream." Unless you are on your death bed, its just really a silly and immature statement, and its leading you to build a trip that is unwise and will be much more of a nightmare than a dream.

    The simple fact is you can't possibly do everything you've listed in 10 days. Driving 650 miles every day for 10 days really is more than you can do on an Interstate without being completely exhausted. That would be more than 12 hours each day, leaving almost no time for sightseeing, certainly not any time for looking around big national park. However you've doubled down on the problem: many of your roads aren't interstates and will require far more time. Going to the Sun will take up the better part of a day, even if you only make minimal stops, and following CA-1 for its entire length is at least a 3 day trip, plus even more time to drive from I-5 to the coast.

    I will also echo Daves concerns that you need to double check the fine print on that rental quote. That would be a pretty good deal for a 10 day rental for a car like you are talking about, and perhaps too good to be true. I'd be making very sure that there aren't extra taxes or other fees that haven't been included in your estimate.

    There's not reason you can't go out an have a great trip but I would strongly recommend that you drastically cut back on your plans. This is not your last chance to live the american dream, its just the beginning, and if you try to cram a lifetime into 10 days you're going to end up with a trip where you cover a lot of miles, but end up seeing and enjoying nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emukid77 View Post
    ....... this as my last big chance to live the American dream.
    I too, am quite puzzled by this statement. Some of us were well past retirement age before we ever had a chance to hit the road, and now have multiple trips and tens of thousands of miles on the clock.

    Lifey who feels you are far too impatient

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