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    I have a week to get to Whidbey Island, WA. I am leaving the first week of February. It will just be my car(SUV with 4WD) and me. I'm not interested in sight-seeing, just getting to my destination safely. I'm very nervous about driving in the winter, especially about the remote high altitude regions like Utah and Wyoming where I imagine I could easily get snowed in if a storm hit. I've condsidered shipping my car but opted out for a variety of reasons.

    I would like to avoid mountainous states as much as possible. I'd appreciate any advice advice regarding dangerous places/weather. Thank you!

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    Where in IN are you leaving from?

    There is no "best" route - you have to look at the current conditions every day and be prepared to change routing as necessary. There are 3 good choices - I-90, I-90/I-94/I-90, or I-80/I-84/I-82/I-90, all leaving from around Chicago. There is no way to avoid mountains.

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