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    I am looking into a road trip/move from Toronto to Los Angeles.
    Im not sure if this is possible but i want to do a slow trip, maybe stopping off in towns and working in between driving. So i would plan to take two to three months to get there.
    I wont be leaving with a lot of money, hence the working, also i would most likely be sleeping in my car or camping.
    Does anyone know if it is easy to get temp jobs in small towns?

    Another inquiry i had was which route to take.
    My first choice is more north,
    Michigan>Illinois>Iowa>Nebraska>Colorado>Utah>Neva da>California

    Or south
    Michigan>Indiana>Kentucky>Tennessee>Alabama>Missis sippi>Arkansas>Texas>New Mexico>Arizona>California

    I want to experience the amazing views and landscape rather than big cities.

    Any advise or tips would be much appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by intothewild View Post
    Does anyone know if it is easy to get temp jobs in small towns?
    Some hostels allow you to work for a given number of hours per day/week, in exchange for free accommodation. May be something worth checking out. You would need to contact every hostel individually and route your trip accordingly.

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    Default a little of each?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, your plan to work while you are on the road is a little problematic, on several different levels.

    First, as I'm sure you've heard, this isn't exactly a great time to be looking for a job. With unemployment being at 10%, and under-employment (people with part time or temp jobs who want full time work) being around 20%, even temp jobs are going to be very hard to come by. When you aren't a local and have no ties to an area, its going to be that much more difficult to find work.

    Then of course there is the legal issues. If you are a Canadian citizen, you can't just come to the US and work. In fact, since you are coming to the US with little cash and a plan to live out of your car, its quite likely that you will be denied entry into the US altogether unless you already have a work visa in place.

    Now if you can get those issues worked out, then the ball is in your court. 2-3 months is plenty of time to do either of those routes - or even a mix of both of them. You can find amazing views no matter which way you go, so its really going to be a matter of where you'd rather be.

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