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    Default Heading East from Ontario

    HI, I am planning a road trip this summer. The past 2 summers I have gone West. Now I want to go East from Ontario, to the Eastern Provinces, then travel by ferry or road to the Eastern Seaboard of the US, then pick up the Historic Lincoln Highway and loop back Westward on the Lincoln through NY, WV and PA winding back to Toronto Ontario. Has anyone done this trip? What would the highlights / must see spots be? Thanks.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Without knowing much about your interests, it's hard to give specific recommendations for your trip. How much time will you have to make your trip?

    I have traveled some sections of the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania and it's definitely a nice drive. The New York section is incredibly short, essentially Times Square to the Lincoln Tunnel, if memory serves.

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    Default Meanwhile, To Get You Started

    Until we can offer you some advice tailored to your own tastes, have a look at this previous discussion for some general ideas of what's available.


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    We have 2 months to do this trip, not in any sort of a rush, we have the summer off. We like to visit historic sites, to drive on scenic roads. We like National Parks, wildlife, nature etc. Two summers ago we spent 2 months driving Route 66, last summer we spent 2 months on the Lincoln Hwy and the PCH before returning to Ontario via Yellowstone Park, Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower etc...

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    Default Trans Labrador Highway

    Has anyone driven or know anyone who has driven the Trans labrador Highway. I may try this route this summer. If anyone has a travel blog about their past roadtrips on the Trans Labrador Highway or any east coast provinces I would like to read them. Thanks.
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    Walter Muma's site is the best I've found for the Trans-Labrador.

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