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  1. Default San Francisco Loop (with LA and LV)

    I need some expert information.

    We will arrive in San Francisco at 9 of June (late pm) and depart at 19 of June. (early am).
    We are two couples and we are planing a road trip from S.Francisco, passing in L.Angeles, and L.Vegas.
    We also like to see (if possible) the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Yosemite. (or something else if you think so)

    What is the best road plan?

    Where to sleep 1 day or 2 days, where not to sleep... :)
    (maybe for SF, LA, LV is better 2 days, no?)

    We´re going to rent a car, what is your advice? what type of car, where to rent it (in airport?) when to rent it?

    Tanks for all the help.

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    Default Popular.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    This is a very popular and much discussed topic on the forum and you will find many suggestions using the search function. Here are some of our favorite threads covering the area to get you started.

    Where to sleep and for how long to stay are really for you to discuss amongst yourselves as some peoples ideas will vary from others depending on interests. I would certainly recommend a couple of days between SF and LA to enjoy the coast road. From LA you could get to [or close by] to the Grand canyon the same day where I would spend 2 nights to ensure you have at least a full day to explore this wonder of the world and witness a sunset. The same I would say of Yosemite, one of my favorite places to visit but of course with only 10 days you will have to pick and choose wisely.

    The popular route from Vegas to Yosemite via Death valley would be 190 across DV and then 395 North to the Tioga pass entrance [120] near Lee vining but you would have to do a little checking prior to taking the route. This is because the Tioga pass crosses the Sierra mountain range and usually only opens in May or June when the winter snows have been cleared.

    So a good route would be SF>LA>GC>LV>DV>Yosemite>SF but one thing I would consider are what your priority's are and with your limited time whether it would be a better option to decide between LA and GC and give yourselves a more relaxed pace and see a little more of the places you visit. Urban sprawl of LA or GC, for me it would be GC every time !

    I would book your car prior to travelling as you can often secure good deals on line. Check out any special deals and look carefully, quite often different offices within the same company can have big differences in price. The sites will also give you the listings of rental types.

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    Default lots of info herein

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This basic trip is far and away the most discussed route on this forum with thousands of threads with tons of information. If you spend a little time looking around, you'll find more facts and route idea than you could possible use!

    You didn't mention if this is a round trip starting and ending in SF? Or did you plan to fly out of one of the other cities?

    For car rental, with 4 adults I wouldn't recommend an economy car, but you don't need to get a huge SUV either. A midsized or even standard size sedan will probably be the most economical, yet comfortable. There's really no magic touch about where and when to rent it, as sometimes its cheaper at the airport and some times its cheaper to rent at a location within the city. I will say, if you plan to spend some time exploring San Francisco, you might want to wait until you are leaving to rent your car, as parking can be quite expensive and its a relatively easy city to get around without a car.

  4. Default San Francisco Loop (with LA and LV)

    Tank you Southwest Dave and Midwest Michael....

    I will read the "Here are some of our favourite threads", and then I will came back again ;)

    I know is too little time to see so many places.
    I'm from Europe (Portugal), and I don´t know very well what routes to take, the name of the routes, calculate distances (my distances are in Km not in miles), and I really don't know the name of the "small" places that are good to visit, to turn to or to stay...
    Like I said, I will take a look in the other threads to see if I can understand a little bit better :)

    Tank you again.

    P.S. to Midwest Michael - Yes, is from SF and back to SF.

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