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  1. Default Ny-BERKELEY,CA.Cross country Road trip planning

    hey guys
    My Husband and me are planning our route for our Cross country Road trip from NY to Berkeley,CA
    6th March-21st March

    We are also planning a few side trips to Birmingham,Alabama where we will be meeting my brother and few of Amarís friends. That narrows down our option to the southern route. We have roughly decided on the following destinations.

    New York(starting point).
    Shenandoah National park,Luray,Virginia.
    Great Smoky Mountain National Park,Gatlinburg , Tennessee.
    Birmingham, Alabama.
    Garden of gods park,Colorado spring,Colorado
    Grand Canyon National Park,Gran Canyon,Arizona.
    Paradise, Nevada
    Berkeley,California (End point)
    Our Route from Alabama to Colorado seems to be quite monotonous.Thats the reason we have not finalized them yet.

    Any other route suggestions or things to do in these places that fits in our time frame is always welcome!
    Thank you

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    Default Monotonous Only If You Want It To Be

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Any route can be monotonous is all you do is follow the Interstates and don't explore the country you're driving through. Put another way: It's not up to the road or the country to entertain you, but for you to discover what's unique and intriguing about wherever you are. I suspect that a large part of your problem is that you're looking at computer generated routes which just follow I-65/I-24/I-64 to St. Louis and then I-70 across the plains. Take a look instead at using US-78 through Tupelo to Memphis, US-63/US-62 across northern Arkansas into the Ozarks, US-412 through Cowboy and Indian country in eastern Oklahoma, a short stint on I-35 up to Wichita, and then US-54/US-400/US-50 through Greensburg, Dodge City and up the Arkansas River to Pueblo as an alternative route to Colorado Springs. That will give you an entirely different kind of trip and let you experience the variety of country and life styles that you'll be passing through.

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  3. Default Looking forward for more suggestions

    thanks for the reply just read your are right bout the entire thing thats the reason why we still hv not finalized yet.We have also taken a National park coupon which is going to be great help for us.
    Would like to hear any further suggestions if it crosses your mind
    Thank you

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    Hello nandita251,

    Just a quick note on the Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smokies: Early- to mid-March are unpredictable periods with respect to weather. There is a distinct possibility of sections of the Skyline Drive being closed due to ice and snow in the Shenandoah NP area, and one must assume snow and ice may require closure of portions of the Smokies. For those reasons, you'd want to have "Plan B" at the ready. Plan B could include visits to lower-elevation locales near the two parks. The Shenandoah Valley and the Charlottesville area come to mind as alternatives to the Shenandoah NP, and the Asheville, NC area comes to mind in the neighborhood of the Smokies. In the case of the latter, be aware of the status of the I-40 re-opening. It's been closed by a giant rockslide for several weeks and early March has been predicted as the re-opening time frame. With all the snow and cold temperatures they've experienced of late, with more on the way tonight through Saturday, it would not surprise me if re-opening is delayed somewhat.


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    Hey Foy
    Thanks for the info.I knw winter is kind of a funny season to do a road trip...i am new to this entire thing .My husband had great experience though but he went during fall.I am still figuring out the activities that we can do during our trip as most of the area will be closed due the winter:( ..but I am sure we are going to make this trip fun..thanks to u and the members of RTA.let us knw in case u gather some more info
    Thanks again

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    Although it was atypical (referred to as The Storm of the Century), a monster nor'easter started in the Gulf of Mexico in early March 1993 and proceeded more or less along the axis of the Appalachians. The Smokies and the Blue Ridge got 5-6' of snow.

    It is not the least bit unusual for there to be shorter blasts of snow and ice at high elevations right through March, however. When that happens, the National Park Service routinely closes portions of the Blue Ridge Parkway until it melts away. There is little in the way of plowing done to keep the Parkway open. Ditto, I suspect, with the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah NP and the various roads within the Great Smokey Mountains NP.

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    Thanks for letting me know before hand Foy !

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