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    Hi there,
    I'm a painter based in London. I dream of driving from the Yukon in Canada all the way down the West coast of the United States and then across to New Mexico, stopping and painting along the way. Far too ambitious probably.

    I would consider a 2-3 month trip starting September but of course have budget restrictions. My $5000 seems to only be enough for about a month on the road! I do have friends in LA and SanFrancisco but that's about it in terms of free accomodation.

    Initially I thought of renting an RV but all the 'extras' seems to make this very expensive. Anyway, there doesn't appear to be a way for me (UK resident) to rent an RV one way from Canada to the US. Perhaps car hire and motel is more reasonable?

    Any thoughts? Since I'm probably restricted by budget to a 4/6 week trip what portion of that journey do you recommend - keeping in mind that if I'm stopping along the way to paint pictures I will not make rapid progress!

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    Default budget and restrictions

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We'll start with the hard part. Doing a one way car rental across the border is virtually impossible - with a car or an rv - for anyone regardless of where your are from. Its not too uncommon to be able to drive a rental in both countries, but you usually can't rent in Canada and drop in the US, or vice versa. There is also the fact that renting a car in the Yukon (one way or round trip) will likely be very expensive simply do to its remote location.

    Budgetwise, it will always be cheaper to do a round trip (where you avoid a one way drop off fee) and going with a car/motel is a more budget friendly option than renting an RV. Of course, if you look at the option of tent camping, you could bring down your sleeping costs some more.

    Depending upon how you go about things, I think you could probably stretch that $5000 budget close to 2 months, but it will depend upon how you go about things and how frugal you are willing to make things. Once you have a better idea of what you want to do with the restrictions you have, you should be able to at least get estimates of how much the big ticket items - like rental car and airfare - will be and then start the rest of your planning.

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    Thanks a lot for all your advice. Much appreciated.

    I'll look into perhaps flying into Vancouver and doing a circular route up to the Yukon before continuing my journey with a one way car-hire form Seattle.

    Can anyone confirm whether mid to late September in the Yukon will put me in range of bad winter weather? My research seems to suggest I'd be ok.

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    If this is a small help, there is a bus service from Vancouver to Seattle, which is the least hassles way to cross the border using some form of public transportation other than (expensive) flying. It's just over 4 hours from airport to airport and a full one-way fare is $56.

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    Weather is always a crap shot but I wouldn't expect the weather to be really great. That part of the world, and away from the coast, they can have snow year round. Our travels was delayed two days because of snow -- and that was mid-June.

    As I remember, Yukon had a pretty good web presence so you might want to check it. FYI: They do not allow roadside camping, meaning you must stay in a developed campground and not in your car at a rest area.

    If you are going for the beauty, you could spend a month being wowwed in the Vancouver. I would strongly recommend you pick an area, say the Pacific Coast, and explore it indepth rather than trying to do too much. Just my opinion.

    FYI: If you can find an REI outfitting store, (I know there is one in Seattle but don't know about Vancouver) they'll have camping equipment you can rent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lachlangoudie View Post
    Can anyone confirm whether mid to late September in the Yukon will put me in range of bad winter weather? My research seems to suggest I'd be ok.
    At the end of August in 2004 I drove back from Alaska through the Yukon and Alberta, and whereas I was not held up by any adverse weather, it certainly was anything but warm.

    The only other obstacle I encountered north of highway 16, was being constantly told that it was the end of the season, and that is why they had run out of..... this.... and that!! Also many places along the way had already closed for the off season, other than those which are open all year round. By September I would certainly expect services outside of the urban centres, such as Whitehorse, to be significantly reduced.

    Lifey who travelled in June last year

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    Thanks guys, that's a great help. Your advice is invaluable. I suspect I'll back the trip up to early September.
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