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    Sometime in the next few weeks I am leaving from St. Louis MO. and travel to Washington state. I am going 70 to Denver then go up through Wyoming across 80 thru Utah, take 84 across to Oregon then up 5 to Washington.

    Just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice. I will be driving my car pulling an 8 foot trailer. Don't want to push it that hard, maybe 8 to 9 hours a day.

    Any advice would be appreciated regarding dangerous places or weather.

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    It sounds like you've got a pretty reasonable plan. I guess the most important thing I would tell you to do is to make sure your car is actually built to pull a trailer of that size and weight. Oil and Transmission coolers would certainly be good ideas.

    Your route is all interstate, which is one of the safest road systems in the world. The weather will be what it will be. Without a specific forecast, there really is nothing that anyone can really tell you. If there is bad weather forecasted, the other option you could look at is to take I-29 north from KC and either take I-80 across Nebraska or go all the way to Sioux Falls and take I-90 to Washington. Depending upon your exact destination, those routes could actually be a bit shorter.

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    As with any long distance RoadTrip, particularly one with the added stress of pulling a trailer, it is important that you take frequent breaks along the Interstates so that you remain rested and alert. You're looking at a minimum of 4-5 days depending on where you're going in Washington, and whether your 8-9 hours is actual time behind the wheel, or time from leaving one motel to pulling into the next. The difference will be about 1½-2 hours (and about a hundred miles) and is due to stops for fuel, food, bathroom and the sanity and exercise breaks already noted. The best way to deal with the vagaries of the weather is to build another day or two into your allowance for making the trip so that in the event that a bad storm strikes while you're on the road, you can just stay put for however long it takes to blow over and for the roads to be cleared. If the forecast calls for bad weather along your route, but clearer weather to the north, you should also have a look at heading north on I-29 from Kansas City and using I-90.


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