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    hi everyone

    Im new to this site but im heading to Denver from Australia for 8 days. Im hoping to rent a car at the airport, visit a few friends in the denver area also. but im looking at visiting mount rushmore and the crazy horse memorial. also id like to see Chimney rock as well as maybe get a day or 2 in the rockies. Not sure in what order im going to visit these places but would like to get it all in. If anyone has any info or tips on costs like fuel, places of interest within reach of those places or also i was concerned about the weather in the area at the time. Any info on Denver would be appreciated also like places interesting to eat and things that are good value for money. Im trying to do this on a budget if possible, but can spare a couple of bucks if a place or activity is worth seeing/doing? any help or info is very much appreciated.

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    Default Spring is a long season, with extremes on each end........ the Rockies. Unless I missed it, you did not specify what part of the 21 March-21 June Spring you expect to be visiting in.

    While it's impossible to predict weather way out from the present, certain inferences can be drawn with some approximate dates.


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    sorry forgot to specify that. oopps. Where im from in Ireland febuary is in spring so thats why i posted under this thread. but im arriving into Denver on the 20th of February and the leaving on the 28th to go to Boston.
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    At that specific time, you will probably experience significant snow, ice, and cold weather everywhere around there. That's still in the height of winter.


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