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    My sisters and I will all be flying into El Paso in October and then driving to Big Bend. We plan to camp a couple nights in Big Bend NP and also stay in motels in El Paso and Terlingua. Any suggestions on motels around El Paso or Terlingua?

    I'm also wondering about grocery stores in the area. Would it be best to do most of our grocery shopping before getting to Terlingua? It looks like there may not be too much once we get there.

    We're also thinking of taking a one day raft or canoe trip on the Rio Grande and wondered if anyone had personal experience with any of the local outfitters that they could recommend.

    Thanks for your help!

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    ...from a quick survey of the web, there are several well rated motels in the Terlingua area, but only a single market. You'll have to weigh the fact that there are better shopping options in Alpine against the fact that you'll have to transport your purchases, including perishables, nearly 90 miles in the heat of the southwest.


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