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  1. Default San Francisco to LA via Highway 1

    hi planning a 2 week trip this summer from san francisco to LA.

    all thread i have found do it inland, going thru yosemite, death valley, grand canyon, vegas and then LA.

    i am trying to see if doing san francsico, yosemite, then back to highway 1 and drive down to LA via big sur, then fly from LA to Vegas makes any sense?

    if so, do you know what good stops are on highway 1?

    sorry if the info i already out there but cant find it. thanks!

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    Hi pedro,

    It would be what makes most sense to you and your plans that matters, but to be honest I would just continue the drive all the way to Vegas, it's not that far and you would spend quite a time in airports checking in and out with your luggage if you flew.

    Have you considered doing a complete loop and making your way back to SF ? It would be like so, SF>LA>LV>Yosemite>SF. The coast road is wonderful and you will want to take your time to enjoy it, Carmel and Cambria are popular overnight stop areas and Hearst castle is a popular tourist attraction. These threads should make for some good reading and there are many more out there, just use the search function to find them.

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