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    Hi all, I'm new to this, and have read a ton of threads on how to build our road trip for June this year. Its our Honeymoon, and we have booked a flight from the UK to SF on 7th June, with a return from Vegas on 18th June. The itenary we have is as follows:

    7th June San Fran
    8th June San Fran
    9th June Napa Valley
    10th June Yosemite (Wawona Hotel)
    11th June Yosemite (Wawona Hotel)
    12th June Mono Lake
    13th June ????
    14th June Furnace Creek - Death Valley
    15th June Las Vegas
    16th June Las Vegas (Chopper trip to Grand Canyon)
    17th June Las Vegas
    18th June Fly Home

    I have the following questions if thats ok....
    1. Does this trip sound ok - any advice?
    2. Will the Tiago Pass be open on 12th June?
    3. Should we stay for 2 nights at Mono Lake ?

    We dont want to camp, and we have already booked Wawoma Hotel in Yosemite - they didnt have any other days available - so we are working around that.

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Freezing Over Hell

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    June can be a very fickle month for weather in the area you'll be traveling through. Tioga Pass has still been closed as late as June 24th in recent years although it typically opens in late May, and even if open, you will still be driving through high snow country (although the road will be clear) and temperatures can be below freezing. At the other extreme, Death Valley can see mid-day temperatures as high as 125°F (52°C), so you'll have to be prepared for both. Otherwise, your trip looks just fine, and if it suits you. it's perfect. There are a couple of things worth noting, though. If Tioga Pass is closed, you'll have to go around the Sierra Nevada to the north through Placerville and South lake Tahoe, a beautiful but long detour. Secondly, note that helicopter flights from Las Vegas typically go to the 'West Rim' of the Grand Canyon on the Hualapai Indian Reservation rather than the main canyon in the national park. This is both good and bad. The most spectacular parts of the canyon are in the national park, but since the reservation is exempt from the FAA flight restrictions, aircraft can actually enter and land in the canyon there.

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    Default Worth the drive.

    I would certainly consider taking that spare day on the 13th and add it to the one where you would be spending a day away from Vegas to take the GC tour, and use those 2 days and one night to visit the Grand canyon South rim National park area by road. To witness a sunset and/or sunrise and have some time to marvel at this wonder of the world is time well spent IMO.

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    Did you do this trip? can you please elaborate on the route you took and the stops on the way, My husband and I are planning the same trip this sept. We want to do sf - napa - yosemite - death valley - vegas.

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