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    I'm doing a first-time solo trip from SW Florida to Boulder, CO in early February. Does anyone have any route suggestions? I'm not too pressed for time, and would like to find out interesting/scenic places to stop-over along the way.

    Also, I'd like to reduce my chances of inclement weather, as much as possible. Currently I don't have snow tires -- coming from Florida -- and plan on stopping to get them along the way. Any idea when to switch over?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is no one sized fits all route to avoid winter weather, as any route you pick could see a storm. Without a specific forecast, the best advice is to just take the shortest possible route so you are on the road for the least amount of time, and have the most options should a storm force you to slow down or stop.

    In this case, the direct route would be through Atlanta, Nashville, and St. Louis - which is 2000 miles, so a nice 4 day trip.

    There are plenty of other ways to modify it, say taking I-40 from Memphis west into Oklahoma or even all the way to New Mexico, or you could even take I-10 all the way across Texas. However, those extra miles mean more time on the road (the I-10 option adds more than 500 miles/one full day) and really are no better in terms of odds of seeing good weather.

    As far as snow tires go, is this just a vacation or is this a move? And what tires do you have on your car right now? If you've got all-season tires, then switching to snow tires for a short trip probably doesn't make much sense. If this is a long term thing where you'll be there the rest of the winter, its a different story. And really, switching tires like that while on the road is a little problematic too. I mean, if you get snow tires while on the road, what are you going to do with your current tires? And if your current tires are in bad enough shape that you'd consider just getting rid of them, you probably should have that taken care of before you leave home!

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