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    Hello everyone, me and 3 friends planning a road trip across america and canada in our limo in October 2010. Just lookin for any suggestions? Were looking for anything interesting to do anywhere in the mainland us and canada, were really not on any time restraints. A lil about us to help you decide where you might think we should go. We like to disc golf so any good courses would be helpful. We're young black guys so anything that seems like we might be interested in or should not go lol (i.e. Racist places). Any place where there is good party scenes. we plan on leaving from sacramento on october 1 headed to our first stop in las vegas and grand canyon after that its pretty much in the air, we do not want any places in CA, TX or NV because we've been there many times. Here is some other possible citys we might go along the way so if you see a city or close by please let us know

    All arizona maybe juarez, mexico
    Albuerqurque and santa fe, nm
    Colorado Springs and Denver Co,
    Kansas City, Mo
    Oklamhoma City, Ok
    Atlanta, GA
    All Florida
    Then Drive up entire east coast up to Boston,
    Cross over into Canada and go Quebec to Toronto/Buffalo, Ny
    Then come back into U.S. Head around great lakes/Chicago
    Yellowstone then back up to Vancover, BC Canada
    Then Head down I-5 Home to Sacramento Stop in Seattle and Portland

    Any Suggests would be greatly apprieciated

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    Default So much out there !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With no time constraints and "anywhere in the US or Canada" as possibilities there really are more than a million and one things to do and that makes it real difficult to start listing places. The one thing I would suggest is to sit down with your mates and a good map and start looking at routes and places between what you already have. By searching the RTA pages you will find tons of info on just about anywhere you type into the search, this one thread covers a list of things in every State.

    If you are into some natural wonders and small towns, the trip between Grand canyon and Denver provide some of the best with the National parks of Utah and Colorado combined. When you have more dots on the map let us know and we can help join them together.

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