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    Default Need some advice on a trip to the USA

    Hubby and I are a bit older (45 to 55 yrs old) and we have always gone on holidays where we either has a small house of cottage somewhere.

    As the US is so large and because we have some distant relatives spread around the place we would like to see too if possible. However we only have 2 weeks so might have to limit ourselves.

    Hubby wants to see NY City due to relatives. wants to see the Niagara Falls? Wants to go to Florida (Delray Beach) to see his sister. Also wants to go to Toronto / Canada to visit some distant relative.

    Then he wants to see San Francisco and maybe Las Vegas.

    I would like to see Chicago.

    Due to the time constraint I think we should just do the east coast or west coast.

    I thought of going the route 66 but I think we leave that for a time when I get more holiday. Right now having a job at all is more important me thinks.

    I love nature, we both love photography. We love anything green, nature, ecological.

    What would you suggest? I don't want to spend every day driving.

    I have in my head of having a base outside NY and travelling from there to the falls and whatever else is out there, then taking a drive to Florida, then stay there a few days and chill out driving around there. But what else does it have except for the fun parks which we did when the kids were small?

    Then fly back to the UK.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I agree that you will be much better off picking a coast and going from there. It takes about a week to drive from coast to coast, and a couple days to go from the north to the south, so to hit all of the place you've listed in 2 weeks, you'd have to be on the move pretty much every day.

    Hitting NYC then going to the Falls on your way to Toronto makes sense. From there you could head over to Chicago, and then work your way south - touring some of the deep south - as you make your way down to Florida and fly home from there. That would seem like a good outline for a 2 week trip that strikes a balance between seeing a lot without being too rushed.

    An alternative would be a round trip. Then I'd skip Chicago, and just head south from Toronto, go through the mountains as you head to Florida, and make it a round trip, going up the coast and through DC/Baltimore/Philly on your way back to NYC.

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