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    I wonder if someone can give me some advice. I have about 12 useful days in an RV in early March 2010. My idea is to land in San Fran a few days earlier and get from there to Las Vegas via 3 -4 natural wonder areas and also do the same around the Vegas area. Can someone give me an idea of say the 6 best National Parks / natural beauty / wonder attractions or areas they would consider must sees and also considering the time of the year - very early Spring, what would be best avoided or not as great as they would be in later Spring Summer (e.g. Tahoe?) I have a few in mind but would like to be given advice independently of my preconceptions.

    To up the pressure we are filming our road trip for our New Zealand based RV rental company so it is imperative we don't waste our time getting stuck out on limbs or visiting places considered second best, or make the mistake of trying to cover too much and not experiencing or capturing anything particularly well.

    I am flexible in that if 12 days are best spent on a round trip to Vegas or round trip out of San Fran that's what we could do instead.

    A couple of "different or interesting" roads, routes or sights would be great to throw in as well - e.g. I see the extraterrestrial highway mentioned somewhere as well as a ghost route. Could be great to intersperse scenery with this sort of on the road experience as well.

    Also we would love to bump into other Rv lifestylers or other renters on the way so are not adverse to going to a few spots that are busy or popular in March.

    Lastly if anyone knows of any events on in particular towns that fit in with the region we are trying to cover in mid March we'd love to know about those also.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I would suggest that with your time constraints a one way trip from SF to Vegas would work well this time of year, unless you want to include the PCH [coastal route 1] and LA in your tour. A popular route to create a loop would be to cross the Sierra mountain range by the way of Tioga pass [CA120] from Yosemite, but that will still be closed due to winter snow accumulation and not possible ,so you would have to head South towards Bakersfield or North towards Tahoe.

    To include 6 National parks, I would recommend SF to Yosemite and then head South to Sequoia and then Death valley, Zion, Bryce canyon and Grand canyon South rim and back to Vegas, [in that order for routing] but it won't afford you much time in SF or at any of the listed places.

    To travel the coastal route and include LA you would have to forget about Zion and Bryce with such limited time and do a loop from SF > LA> GC> LV>Death valley> Sequoia>Yosemite> SF.

    A loop from Vegas and you could add Capitol reef, Arches and Monument valley to Zion, Bryce and GC, but would need to drop Yosemite, Sequoia NP and coast. There are many ways to juggle this and all are great options so you will have to see what has the most appeal to yourselves and viewers.

    You can use key words in the search engine to find lots of info and options on the forums and road trip planning pages, but to get you started here is a link to National parks "find a park" that has info on every park and you might be able to get a couple of ideas from our RV road trip from SF.

    Have a look around and let us know when you have a clearer picture and then we can help "fine tune" your trip !
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