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    Default San Fran to LA - route 1

    Hi all!
    My wife and I are planning a SF to LA roadtrip in August this year for our 1 year anno. We are prob flying into SF and have 12 days to split up the rest of the trip. We are both into restaurants, shops, hotels on/near the water. We arnt really the outdoor/camping type. So far we found out a decent amount of info on SF but are looking for the other spots inbetween SF and LA. We noted NAPA while in SF, Monterey/carmel, san luis obispo, santa barbara/moinca not sure. We really dont want to spend that much time in LA. We plan to do LA- San Diego in the future.
    We are looking for advice on how to split up the time? If there are any spots that are must see that we are missing? Better spots to stay? and Hotels if possible?

    we appreciate your help!!

    thanks again

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    Given your stated goals and tastes, I think you'd be best served by spending most of your time in the San Francisco area, say a week including a one or two day trip up to the Napa Valley. Then two to three days driving the Pacific Coast Highway with some significant time spent in the Monterey/Carmel area visiting the coast, Aquarium, historic sites and shopping. That would leave you just a day or two to fill in Los Angeles and/or get ready for your return home.


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    Default PCH: Carmel-Morro Bay

    Hello dandee,

    It's a pretty remote stretch from Monterey to Morro Bay, but I'd bet you'd enjoy any number of the attractions in the Big Sur area. One recommended to me a couple of years back was the Nepenthe Restaurant. Time constraints prevented our stopping there, but rave reviews seem to abound.

    For overnight accomodations, on the water, and in a small town seemingly rich with restaurants and bars, look at Cambria, CA. It's just a short distance below San Simeon. Our trip included a long, late lunch at Cambria, and it was splendid.


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