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    Default Question on banning?

    My friend just joined RTA because she is going on the road trip with us across the country. She figured she could post her facebook so people could find out more about the trip and was banned immediately. Why was she banned?

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    Well, I'm not 100% sure I thinking of the same case. The only banning I can think of today - and in might have been on your thread - is from someone who included almost no information in their post other than their twitter account.

    If that's who it was, they were banned because they appeared to be nothing more than a spammer.

    We don't allow first time posters to include off site links anyway, but in this case, the poster didn't include any other information other than a link - which is why the post was deleted and the poster was banned.

    If she has additional information, she should email the editor directly.

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