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    Default Help me plan my road trip end July to early September...........

    Me and may be 2 - 3 more friends are planning to road trip across US from coast to coast and border to border, during late july to early september.

    We are from australia and are looking to rent a 4 wheel drive and just go crazy. Our plan is to be there in the US for 50 days and dedicate 30 of them partying hardcore across 6 cities (5 in each city). All of us are in the mid 20's and just myself under 25.

    We are not looking to create an itenarary as we are happy to go along with the flow of things.

    We are open to suggestions.


    We will be landing in LA and driving straight to Vegas and coming back to LA at the end of the trip to avoid driving long distance towards the end part of the trip. The cities we have chosen to go crazy in are LA, Vegas, Miami (Tampa Bay, Orlando included), Atlantic City, New York City and Chicago (not so sure about chicago though, ready to change on any suggestions).

    During our time on the road we want to see Hover Dam, Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, Yellowstone national park, Alcatraz prison (Need more attractions).

    We would also like to know if and how can we find any frat parties and attend them as they sound like going off their heads?

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    I wouldn't pay the premium to rent a 4 wheel drive - the rental companies do not allow them to be driven off paved roads. They all have GPS chips now so they can tell if you do. The only reason to rent a 4wd is in the winter months for mountain driving.

    If you are under 25, there will be an expensive daily surcharge to be allowed to drive the vehicle.

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