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  1. Default San Antonio to Denver (via Chicago etc) - ADVICE??

    We are two retired Australians who have planned a (mainly) road 47 day trip from San Antonio to Los Angeles between late May and early July this year - 2010. We will actually 'do' Denver to Sacramento by Amtrak.

    Our overnights are listed below.

    San Antonio - 3
    Austin - 2
    Houston - 2
    New Orleans - 2
    Baton Rouge - 2
    Natchez, Vicksburg, Jackson - 3
    Memphis - 2
    St Louis - 3
    Chicago - 4
    Madison, Spring Green - 2
    Sioux Falls - 1
    Rapid City, Black Hills, Badlands - 3
    Denver - 3
    Amtrak - 1
    Sacramento - 2
    San Francisco, Monterey, Los Angeles - 6

    We've booked 'book-end' accommodation at San Antonio, Austin, Chicago, Amtrak.

    Our likes - History, Musuems/culture/ State Capitols/ Scenery, NPs/ Monuments etc

    We'd love advice/comments on our itinerary, possible accommodations, unmissable sights, etc.

    We are in our 60's; active; have travelled to the USA several times before (always road trips).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default From one Aussie to Another

    Quote Originally Posted by obione980 View Post
    We are two retired Australians ......
    As am I, and welcome to the forum. You will love the information to be found on these pages. Where have your previous road trips taken you? And did you come into these forums then? I only found this site before my last trip, and it made the world of difference to what I was able to accomplish.

    Quote Originally Posted by obione980 View Post
    .....We will actually 'do' Denver to Sacramento by Amtrak.
    Have you travelled on Amtrak trains before? You will love this trip. It was my great pleasure to take the Californian Zephyr last October, from Chicago to SF. I sincerely hope that you will get the opportunity to travel through Glenwood Canyon. (We were detoured because of a derailment.) And make sure you look up at the road above, on the other side of the canyon.

    When in Rapid City, you may like to take a trip up to the Centre of the Nation, which is 20 miles north of Belle Fourche. Nothing much there, except to be able to say you saw it. A survey marker, stone cairn and flag, in a farmers paddock. Not difficult to get through the barbed wire fence, as there are little hooks to make it a large enough opening to get through.

    The fancy monument is at the visitor centre in Belle Fourche.

    Lifey in Melbourne.
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  3. Default From the Sunshine State!

    Hi - lifey. We're from Brisbane. Two years ago we did some 'leaf-peeping'; starting at Atlanta - and driving up into Maine and back again. New England, Maine and upstate NY were superb. We also drove the Blue Ridge Parkway then. Stayed 4 nights in Gettysburg. Great experience.

    Four years ago we started from Orlando and drove through East to NY. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

    This trip we actually arrive in Los Angeles. We'll spend two night there before flying to San Antonio, picking up a car - and 'hitting the road' again.

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    Well, in that case, and since this is your first visit to Colorado, may I put forward a few suggestions, and then direct you to a couple of links. Firstly my last trip, you'll have to go to about page 11, and the other is from one of our members who recently did a trip through Colorado. Lots of suggestions there to do during your three days in Colorado.

    My suggestion would be to drive from Rapid City / Mt Rushmore through Cheyenne and Fort Collins to Estes Park. Here in the Rockies you could probably spend your whole three days..... but don't. See if you can make it down to Colorado Springs and Canon City, where you can visit the spectacular Royal Gorge Bridge and Train (If you take the early train you can visit the bridge on the same day) and the Garden of the Gods.

    They are just a few suggestions, and I know you will find lots more to do as you make your way through the forums and around the site.

    Pity you are not driving from LA, that would allow you to experience the magnificence of Yosemiti, Death Valley, Grand Canyon to name just a few.

    Enjoy the forums.


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    Lifey - we have actually been to Yosemite, Grand Canyon - and Death Valley. We visited them in earlier trips, in the 1980's when our children were children - and we focussed on Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, SeaWorld, Universal Studios etc - with side trips (as far as they were concerned) to what we enjoyed!! Yeah! We enjoyed the theme parks too!

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