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    Default Planning Extremely Extensive RoadTrip In The Future

    I am a sixteen year old boy and i a planning an extreme road trip when i graduate from high school. I plan on going down to Georgia from Buffalo(where i live now) and picking up my friend, then i'll head off from there. I am going to travel all throughout the U.S. spending a lot of time on and near the west coast.
    I am writing this because i want ideas, help, and possibly some routes i could take. The longest time I've ever been on the road was when i was little going back and forth from Buffalo to Atlanta. Any tips from now till two years from now will be very appreciated.

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    Default Parental Approval

    The best advice I could possibly give, and no doubt I will sound like your mother, is to spend the next two years discussing this with your parents. Make it an ongoing discussion to build up their confidence in you and gain their approval. If in two years, you can't gain their confidence and approval, then maybe you should think of something else to do.

    Meanwhile start saving so you have a good bank balance to finance this trip.


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    Default Money and Experience...

    ...are the two things you'll need to gather the most of over the next couple of years. Everything else is just daydreaming. And experience costs money.

    You're probably looking at $5000 (very round figure) for the trip you're contemplating, and even that doesn't include the car. Since you can't rent at 18, you'll either have to buy a car (and tags, title, insurance, maintenance, etc., etc.) or pay the cost of a replacement car for whoever you were assuming would lend you theirs for a month, probably another $1000 minimum.

    As for experience, you should certainly start with something quite a bit smaller than a cross-continent trip and back. Ideally, this would be a case where you went somewhere maybe a day's drive away (i.e. 300-450 miles) and stayed with a friend or relative, since you're too young to rent a motel room, and then drove home the next day. Planning a few such trips would go a long way towards showing you, in a way words simply cannot, all the things you have to consider.


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    Default I Need Ideas For RoadTrip Destinations!!!

    I am planning an extremely long road trip and I am looking for some places to go. Any places, especially little towns. I want this road trip to be an extremely extensive and personal view of all america has to offer.
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    Default Read on

    In that case, you' have come to the right place. In these forums and on this site you will find just about everything there is to see / do accros North America. Feel free to spend the next few weeks / months reading every bit of information here, clicking on the hundreds of liniks you'll come accross.

    Happy reading.

    Lifey knows of no better way

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    Default throwing dart

    There are millions of small towns in the US, so how would you expect others to pick a handful that would be a good choice for your personal roadtrip?

    With a country as vast as the US, and knowing nothing about what you are looking for beyond the vauge terms of extensive and personal, its simply not possible for us to start providing any meaningful suggestions.

    You'd really have just as much luck putting a big map on the wall and throwing some darts at it - because based on what you've told us, anything you'd get for an answer would be just as random.

    I would strongly recommend you take the advice provided in the previous post: do some research and reading to get some ideas about where you want to go. This is the fun "daydreaming" part of the planning process, and its really not something that anyone else can do for you. Once you've got the ball rolling, then others can give you more ideas to help fill out your trip

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