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    Default Where to go from Orlando in only 6 days?

    Well here I am again...I've been dying to go on a solo road trip, and I might finally have my chance but I'm only going have 6 days. I'm planning it from February 16th to the 21st. Btw the 17th is my 21st birthday and that's the main reason I'm doing this. so onto my question, Where should I go to have the most time to see a lot of cool stuff and nice places? I'll be leaving from Orlando,FL.


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    That is all dependent on what interests you. With six days, you won't go far beyond your State, and I would have thought that as a native, you know it better than most of us.... certainly better than I do.

    On the other hand, I spent six days south of Orlando last summer, and it was no where near enough. I made my base at the hostel in Florida City, a great hub to reach all the attractions. If you have not been to the keys, they deserve a couple of days to really see them. And then there is the Everglades, Miami, and lots more. Oh, you have so much going for you down there. Sometimes wish I lived there (except for the mosquitos).

    Lifey who wishes you a Happy Birthday

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    Default Florida Keys or Mobile

    More to see than just four days. Key West is a treat, but we've also really enjoyed Islamorada.

    Mobile has lots of history as well as water activities.

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