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  1. Default Planning A trip from Arizona-Tennessee

    My family with kids would like to do a roadtrip and i need some help to find the best route or maybe scenic route starting in Arizona all the way to Tennessee..We do want to stop in between and camp, to any State Park or national Park on the way and would like to get a suggestion on what's the quickest route to go back home to Arizona.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Much of this depends on how much time you have to get from place to place - what is the total length of this trip? What area in Tennessee will you be visiting?

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    Thanks for the reply,I'm thinking about 2 1/2weeks. Would like to visit smokey mountains,if we can or perhaps you could suggest other nice place to visit with 4 little kids.

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    As Mass Tim noted, we can only help you to the extent that we know what's going on. One other vital piece of information you haven't shared with us is where you're starting from. 'Arizona' is and awfully big area. For example the routes from Phoenix to 'Tennessee' and Tucson to 'Tennessee' are completely different and don't meet up until Little Rock, AR.


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    starting at Phoenix, Arizona

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    ...and with your time constraints, I'd say you'll pretty much have to stick to I-17/I-40 both ways. Major highlights would be the Painted Desert, Petroglyph National Monument, Cadillac Ranch and the Oklahoma City Memorial, but there are plenty of other intriguing stops along the way. As for parks in which to camp, I'd say your best option is to determine how many miles you want to travel per day, figure out roughly where you'll be at the end of each one and check that area for the availability of parks with campsites, and then go ahead and make a reservation so that you know there will be a campsite waiting for you.

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    Thanks for the information, this would help me alot.

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