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    Default Virginia Beach, VA to Los Angeles, CA

    Hey Roadtrippers!

    I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of great places to see along interstate 40 or interstate 10 between Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. I am making a 6 day trek across the country next week and I'm down to see whatever I can along the way... any suggestions????



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    You could start here, but frankly, you won't have much time to do any sightseeing. It will be the best part of six full days driving.


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    Default I-40 at the NC-TN line

    Hello Hearn,

    I suppose you're aware I-40 is closed at the NC-TN line. Discussion on a Sticky on the Field Trip Reports forum herein.

    If I were leaving VB bound for I-40/I-10 and Sou Cal, I'd consider doing US-58/29/158/52/I-74/I-77 up to I-81 at Wytheville, thence down I-81 to where it ends at I-40 east of Knoxville. You could always just run up I-64 from your side of the HRBT all the way to Staunton, but given how far northwest that takes you, it's got to be materially farther. The noted route is all 4-lane and much of it is Interstate grade.

    Depending on where you're bound for in the LA area, you might be just as well staying on I-40 all the way to Barstow, thence down I-15 into the Basin. If you're Navy and headed for NavSta Ventura County at Port Hueneme, you can cut across the north side of the San Gabriel Mtns from Victorville past Palmdale and down CA 14 to Santa Clarita, thence CA 126 to Ventura, Port Hueneme, and Oxnard, thereby avoiding the entire LA basin.

    Along the way, you'll pass close to the Petrified Forest and Meteor Crater in eastern AZ. It's a simple 1/2 day detour to run up US 89 from Flagstaff to Cameron, AZ, thence west on AZ 64 through the Grand Canyon South Rim. From the Canyon Village, you drop right back down to Williams and I-40.

    There's also a somewhat less-traveled segment of Route 66 from the Williams area on to Kingman, AZ. At Kingman, the Hoover Dam is just an hour or so north, and not too much out of the way, given the way the highways bend to cross the Colorado River and its reservoirs. Check ahead on the Hoover Dam's BLM website for restrictions on crossing, however. Hazmats, rental trucks, etc generally aren't allowed. If you do Hoover, you'll get a great look at the new bridge hundreds of feet above the dam.

    Good luck, safe travels, and enjoy your RoadTrip!


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    My mapping program says I-64 all the way to I-81 is the fastest way for you to go that direction and it's actually 5 miles shorter than the route Foy suggested.

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