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    Hi all,

    First post here but i've been on road trips before, the last one being from Maryland out to the 4 corners area for a while before going the rest of the way to San Diego and then back to Maryland.

    I'm looking into doing a camping focused trip that's closer to home this time but still a new area for me and my friends. We've never been to the New England area and an interest in geology/geomorphology and all makes Maine's coast an interesting target, as well as the glaciated landscapes farther inland.

    The trip is either going to be 5 days or 9 days, depending on everyone's budget and how much time we can all get off. Likely timeframe is May, but it could always get pushed back into the summer.

    Focus is camping in national parks, hiking, kayaking/canoeing, maybe some cycling, and for me a lot of wildlife photography.

    We're starting at Abingdon, MD 21009 and the destination isn't set in stone yet. Ideas are if it's a 5 day trip to take 1 day to get there, 3 days around Acadia National Park and any nearby little towns, then 1 day back. We did the drive from MD to St. Louis in 14 hours 1 day, so making it to Maine in a day of nonstop driving is doable for us.

    We can visit anything between MD and NY fairly easily, so it's things that are past NY that would be worth stopping at for short breaks, as long as they are close to I95. Any suggestions?

    Are there any coastal areas you guys would recommend over Acadia National Park?

    What inland areas if you had to visit 1-2 locations tops would you guys recommend for those kinds of activities? If we can pull a 9 day trip we'd probably split the time between the coast at somewhere like acadia and somewhere farther inland to cover the 2 different areas really well.

    Anywhere we'd be likely to see a Moose earns bonus points by the way. :-)


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    Ok so I looked into Black Fly season and it just happens to start around when we'd likely the more likely times to visit would probably be pushed back until late july or in the fall even.

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    Default Maine Coastal Geology

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Abingdon to Bar Harbor is around 650 miles. That's more than I'd generally recommend for a single day's drive, certainly if you're planning to make any stops along the way. Still it is within the realm of possibility for several drivers as long as at least two people are awake and watching the road (and each other) at all times. As I say, you won't really have time for any tourist stops if you want to make the drive in a single day, but you could stop at either the Kittery Trading post, at the US-1 exit in Kittery just as you enter Maine, or at L. L. Bean's just off I-95 in downtown Freeport, and pick up some Old Woodsman's Fly Dope which is the best thing I've found for black flies. The Maine coast is a treasure trove of geologic and geomorphic sites, and there are plenty of glacial landforms without going that far inland. Before you go, see if you can get a copy of the Roadside Geology of Maine by Dabney Caldwell, or contact the Geology Department of the University of Southern Maine in Gorham to get some background and hints on where to go. Keep in mind two things. Most of the Maine coast is composed of igneous and metamorphic rocks until you get farther Down East than you'll be going, so don't expect any fossils, and that all land (including the rocks) between high and low tide are public domain, and so accessible. Acadia is your best bet on all counts, be sure to check in with the Rangers for specific advice.


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