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  1. Default cheapest way to rent a car from Manhattan?

    Looking to drive to NC in May for 4-5 days - I'll be renting an SUV. I'm 27.

    I live in Manhattan, but the quotes are absurd - $930 from Avis and $550 from Enterprise (only includes 1050 miles for a week rental).

    I'm willing to pick up the rental car on Long Island, or even Jersey, if that would reduce the rates.

    I need unlimited miles though! The drive there and back will be at least 1300 miles.

    Any ideas on where to rent from, or where the rates are cheaper? I have a BJs wholesale membership that gets me small discounts...

    Thank you!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I checked prices Newark International and got quotes as low as $300 for an SUV over 4 days. You should also check the other major airports in the area. Also remember that it's sometimes cheeper to rent for a week than 5 days. Your actual cost may vary with the specific dates and rental company you choose but you should be able to do much better than $930.

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    check Jersey City, rentals are significantly cheaper than Manhattan, and its easy to get to via PATH train.

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    I think the best thing you can always do in these situations is to be as flexable as possible. Compare the cost of renting in New York vs New Jersey and look to see if renting in-town is cheaper than renting at an airport. If your days can be shifted, see if renting over a weekend will save you money vs. renting during the week, and of course, ask yourself if you really need an SUV. Renting a SUV often can cost twice as much as the rental fee of even a large sedan. Also consider going with a local company instead of a national chain.

    Just doing a quick kayak search, I found a SUV (explorer sized) with a local company in NYC from a M-F in may, for $350, and a similar SUV for $490 at an Enterprise in New Jersey. Going with a full sized sedan, you could get down to $215 with that local company, or $250 with a chain in New Jersey. A compact car could even take that down below $200 quite easily.

    I don't know what will work for you, and that was just 5 minutes of searching on some random dates. However, clearly there are better deals out there, if you're willing to work the system.

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